Autodesk Fusion 360 is a popular CAD software used by FTC teams for its rendering capabilities. Rendering can seem like a straightforward process; however, there are many things your team can do to add another level of realism and depth to your renders.
The goal of this guide is to inform those who are seeking to learn the Fusion 360 rendering process regardless of experience level or background. Whether you have just downloaded the software a few minutes ago or have years of experience, we hope that there is something you can take away from this.


This guide was created by Andrew from FTC 18246, Benjamin from FTC 18219, and Pranay from FTC 18219/16236. Big thanks to anyone who provided renders that were used throughout this guide and all of the other helpful individuals that made this possible.
If there is a topic that you feel should be addressed in this guide or a question that you would like answered, feel free to message us on the FTC Discord.
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